Drainage Studies & Improvement

Whether basement flooding or regional flooding, W.H.P. is the one to call for hydraulic modeling and/or solution design.

  • FEMA Flood Studiesare a service that we make available. W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC has completed and filed numerous Letters of Map Revision (LOMR) with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). These include Elevation Certificates, LOMRs based upon fill, and complete hydrologic and hydraulic analyses of existing and/or proposed changes to major drainage ways. We use the latest version of HEC-RAS to analyze open channel flow conditions and model proposed channel changes.
  • Storm Water Problem Analysis & Solution Identificationis a service we perform for private individuals as well as government agencies. We investigate the existing system(s) contributing to the problem and insure that the contributing drainage areas are properly defined. We then set up a digital model of the system, estimate the frequency of storm at which the system begins to fail, and locate the points of restriction. Various alternatives are then modeled and cost estimates are prepared. We follow this comprehensive procedure for problems involving a single lot as well as those involving a 1000-acre drainage basin.
  • Storm Drainage Improvement is a service that W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC provides. These projects may be the logical outcome of a study performed in-house or the client may request the design and development of construction documents to improve or correct an existing problem. These include minor storm sewer improvements as well as major drainage channel improvements. We have designed flood control projects to protect individual properties as well as entire communities. We recognize the effects that such projects can have on the environment, both natural and urbanized. We take pride in our ability to assess the potential effects of the project on the environment and incorporate elements into our design that mitigate negative impacts.

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