Land Development

From pre-purchase Due-Diligence to construction inspection, W.H.P. is an intelligent choice.

  • Residential Land Development is a primary focus of our business. W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC has designed hundreds of subdivisions with thousands of lots that have been constructed around the Mid-South. We can guide our clients through the entire subdivision process including all the governmental review and approvals that must be obtained before actual construction can proceed. This would include any rezoning, master planning, planned development applications, as well as any environmental permits that must be acquired.
  • Commercial and Institutional Development also demands a great deal of our attention. This includes the development of commercial subdivisions for those clients that wish to market only the lots. We will represent the client through the entire governmental review and approval process. We have worked with many clients, including architectural firms, to provide the site engineering for various commercial sites. The site design services we provide include but are not limited to: access and traffic circulation, site utilities (off-site utilities when specifically required), parking lot layout, grading and drainage. We pride ourselves in planning and coordinating our design to cooperate with other design disciplines working on the project.

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