Transportation Engineering

From Greenway trails to interstate highways, W.H.P. designs infrastructure that efficiently carries people and goods.

  • Roadways: Route Planning and Design are provided by W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC to the community. We have designed numerous highway and bridge replacement projects for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. TDOT has repeatedly ranked W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC among its “Top Ten” design firms. The firm has also designed route improvements for most of the local jurisdictions in and around Shelby County, TN. The majority of these projects have been located in highly congested urban areas which required great attention to detail in order to minimize the impacts upon the surrounding properties and the traveling public.
  • Intersection Improvements receive our attention in conjunction with our roadway design efforts and as individual projects. The W.H. Porter Consultants, PLLC staff has the expertise to review and analyze existing intersection operations, identify deficiencies, and design improvements whether they are geometric, signage, signalization or a combination of these.
  • Traffic Studies are made available to clients when they are needed. These include traffic counts, stop sign warrants, signal warrants, level of service analysis at intersections and driveways, traffic impact analysis, and others as may be required to serve our clients.

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